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Nestled within the enchanting landscape of Florida, Leto stands as a thriving community brimming with vibrant energy and diverse residents. This suburban haven exudes a captivating blend of small town charm and convenient urban amenities, creating a harmonious balance for its cherished inhabitants.


Frequently asked questions

We invite you to read the frequently asked questions about Palm Ranch, and should your inquiry remain unaddressed, kindly indulge us with a call, and we shall promptly answer your questions.

  • What amenities are included at this townhome community?
    Indulge in the epitome of luxury townhome living, where you'll find a private gate, spacious backyards, a large community pool, guest parking, and ample space for delightful pet walks.
  • Is there an HOA fee, and what does it cover?
    Yes, there is a homeowner's association (HOA) fee of $270 per month, which diligently covers an array of essential services. This comprehensive fee includes the maintenance of common areas, ensuring that shared spaces exude beauty and functionality at all times. It also encompasses meticulous landscaping and gardening, creating a captivating ambiance throughout the community. Additionally, the HOA fee covers exterior maintenance, ensuring that the townhomes' exteriors retain their pristine allure and that residents can enjoy a worry free living experience.
  • What are the parking arrangements for residents and guests?
    Each unit is graciously provided with a private garage, offering secure and convenient parking for one vehicle. Additionally, residents have the privilege of utilizing a dedicated driveway parking space, ensuring easy access to their homes. Furthermore, ample side of the road parking is available for residents, providing additional convenience. As for guests, the community warmly welcomes them with designated guest parking spots, ensuring a hassle free experience for visitors.
  • Are there any noise restrictions or quiet hours in place?
    Yes, quiet hours are observed from 10pm to 7am, allowing residents to unwind and enjoy restful nights undisturbed. To maintain the serenity of the community, all residents and guests are kindly requested to keep noise levels below 55 decibels during these hours. To put this into perspective, 55 decibels is slightly louder than a quiet office or library environment, ensuring a tranquil ambiance for all to cherish.
  • What schools are located near the townhome community?
    A wide variety of highly rated public and private schools are conveniently located within a 15 minute drive or less from Palm Ranch. Residents have the privilege of accessing a wide selection of esteemed educational options, ensuring high level learning environments for children of all ages.
  • Are pets allowed in the townhome community?
    Yes, pets are warmly embraced and welcomed with open arms. We joyously extend an invitation for residents to share their lives with their furry companions. In consideration of the harmonious coexistence of all residents, we kindly request that pets be kept on a leash while strolling the enchanting grounds. Moreover, we humbly ask that pet owners exhibit utmost respect for their neighbors by ensuring minimal noise disturbances. Lastly, as responsible stewards of this pristine environment, we kindly urge pet owners to diligently clean up after their pets, fostering an immaculate and delightful atmosphere for all to relish.


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Introducing a new centrally located gated community of 102 luxury townhomes. Nestled in a serene urban setting, yet conveniently located close to Downtown Tampa.

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